Manic Depression Quotes: Riding the Waves of Emotion

“Manic depression quotes” open the gateway to a heartfelt exploration of the complex and emotional landscape that defines the human experience. This collection encapsulates the highs and lows, the poetic reflections, and interesting insights that illuminate the journey through manic depression.

Manic depression, or bipolar disorder, is a mental health condition where people go through intense mood swings. They can have times of high energy and excitement (mania) and then switch to feeling really down and hopeless (depression). It’s like a mood fluctuations that can affect how they feel and behave in their everyday lives. Individuals with manic depression may experience drastic shifts in mood, energy levels, and behaviour, affecting their day-to-day routines and connections with others.

From powerful manic quotes to insightful bipolar disorder quotes, join us in navigating the emotions that shape the essence of the human spirit.

  1. “My manic depression was ravaging my life, but because nobody could see it, many people thought it was a figment of my imagination.” : Andy Behrman

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  1. “When I taught writing classes to psychiatric patients, I met people whose stories of manic highs and immobilizing lows appeared to be textbook descriptions of classic bipolar disorder. I met other patients who had been diagnosed with myriad disorders. No doctor seemed to agree about what they actually suffered from.” : Siri Hustvedt
  1. “Being a parent is weird. It changes people in subtle and unsubtle ways. In my case, it awoke a kind of manic sentinel in my brain. Anything in the house that might be a threat to the kids or to my wife gets terminated – food, sharp edges, poor wiring.” : Nick Harkaway
  1. “My creative process is a bit manic at times, to be honest. I wake up Monday and Thursday stressed because I don’t have a video. I usually – with the exception of maybe a handful of videos – wake up, write the video, shoot the video, edit the video, release the video all in the same day.” : Lilly Singh
  1. “I lost my father four years ago to what was the culmination of a manic episode that seemingly, to my family, came completely out of the blue after 59 years on this earth with no issues that we knew about, at least – sort of a normal run-of-the-mill guy who did his job and came home and had a family.” : Chris Wood

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  1. “I can’t be manic without it feeling false to me.” : Wyatt Cenac
  1. “Sometimes I get a little manic and you can’t stop me. I’m all over the place. I have fun.” : Dom DeLuise
  1. “I don’t find I’m manic at all. I’m very chill.” : Kirsten Dunst
  1. “I’ve had this problem since I was in my 20s. They don’t call it manic depression anymore. They call it a bipolar disorder, and I’m a Type 2.” : Ned Beatty
  1. “I’m not a workaholic, but I was a bit manic, I have to confess.” : Gavin Rossdale
  1. “My sets are not peaceful. It’s a beautiful catastrophe. I am running around like a headless chicken. I don’t sleep because I am writing. It’s manic.” : Michaela Coel

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  1. “With a lot of comedians, one of their major attributes is that they look comedic, with a certain hangdog or manic expression. I look like the neighborhood bully. That doesn’t elicit laughter.” : Sylvester Stallone
  1. “We live in a culture that does not encourage women to be epic heroes of their own Big Stories but the mothers and lovers and wives and mistresses and muses and personal assistants, the femme fatales and fantasies and manic pixie dream girls, in someone else’s Big Story, and this someone else is usually a dude.” : Justine Musk
  1. “The point about manic depression or bipolar disorder, as it’s now more commonly called, is that it’s about mood swings. So, you have an elevated mood. When people think of manic depression, they only hear the word depression. They think one’s a depressive. The point is, one’s a manic-depressive.” : Stephen Fry
  1. “My eating habits are the only behaviour of mine that are still manic. I can’t walk by a restaurant, a bakery, an ice-cream store or a candy store without making a purchase; the amount of calories I take in today are at least five times as many as I took before starting on all of this medication.” : Andy Behrman
  1. “I joke around a lot about the manic times because they’re funny. We manics do outrageous things and it is part of our colorful nature.” : Patty Duke
  1. “Bipolar disorder, manic depression, depression, black dog, whatever you want to call it, is inherent in our society. It’s a product of stress and in my case over-work.” : Adam Ant
  1. “I’m kind of a manic exerciser. I’ll like exercise for a week and be crazy, and then I won’t do it for six months.” : Jane Lynch
  1. “I had a husband who, I’m convinced, was an undiagnosed manic depressive. He didn’t treat me as if I had a brain – I was just this beautiful little doll he could show off.” : Britt Ekland
  1. “Whereas the melancholic exhibits a state of general inhibition, in the manic patient even normal inhibitions of the instincts are partly or wholly abolished.” : Karl Abraham
  1. “I think almost all manic depressives exhibit some kind of criminal behaviour, even if it’s something as minimal as shoplifting, but then they often go on to bigger and better things – in my case, it was fraud.” : Andy Behrman
  1. “My recovery from manic depression has been an evolution, not a sudden miracle.” : Patty Duke
  1. “The manic pursuit of success cost me everything I could love: my wife, my three children, some friends I would have liked to grow old with.” : Sammy Davis, Jr.
  1. “I suffer from manic-depressive disorder, and I’ve chosen not to take medication for it. Because of that, every once in a while I go through manic episodes and really depressed episodes.” : Scott Weiland
  1. “I’m manic about my schedule.” : Elizabeth Hurley
  1. “I do worry about young people in the business who have experienced a lot of success and are punted around doing those manic publicity trails, when you don’t really know who you are yet.” : Sally Hawkins
  1. “I was a manic and eccentric kid. In my head I was very busy, so I must have seemed weird.” : David A. Stewart
  1. “In total, I was diagnosed with depression by eight psychotherapists and psychiatrists over a period of thirteen years. Diagnosed wrong. Absolutely wrong. My accurate diagnosis was manic depression, or what we call bipolar disorder today.” : Andy Behrman
  1. “Money is a huge issue for manic depressives. Sometimes the problem is not nearly on the same scale as it has been for me, but nonetheless, it’s difficult to deal with. Many get themselves into debt that can take years to clear up, write bad cheques, shoplift and borrow huge amounts from family and friends.” : Andy Behrman
  1. “I think, taking too long to work on a record, you sort of lose some of the feeling, so I write as fast as I can; it’s just this manic phase where I’m by myself and or on tour, and I write, and I write.” : John Darnielle
  1. “I was brought up with a lot of love in my family, and I’ve always been supported. My family has always protected me in a sort of manic way.” : Erik Hassle
  1. “I wish I could understand why so many people have a nearly manic desire to excuse, defend, explain or condone evil.” : Mike Gallagher
  1. “Snow is like a manic pixie dream girl: fun and whimsical when you encounter it only through the barrier of a movie screen – but absolute misery to have to put up with in real life.” : Alexandra Petri
  1. “Do I perform sometimes in a manic style? Yes. Am I manic all the time? No. Do I get sad? Oh yeah. Does it hit me hard? Oh yeah.” : Robin Williams
  1. “I have social anxiety. It’s easier up on stage because there’s security in being there. When I’m off stage I’m trying not to be a manic freak. I’m quite shy. : Sia Furler
  1. “I wish I had never got manic depression. When I was in junior high, I didn’t know what was the matter with me. It was as if I’d died or something. Now that I go to a clinic and get the right kind of medicine, I am not as depressed as I used to be.” : Daniel Johnston
  1. “Women’s emotions are constantly labeled. Any slight deviation from ‘pleasantness,’ and we are labeled as hysterical. When we are angry, sad, depressed, or manic, we are immediately seen as unfeminine or ugly or weak.” : Petra Collins
  1. “I went to a doctor and told him I felt normal on acid, that I was a light bulb in a world of moths. That is what the manic state is like.” : Carrie Fisher
  1. “Every now and then I hear voices in my head, but not very clear. I can’t understand what they are saying. It’s a mental illness. I have been diagnosed as a manic depressive.” : Brian Wilson
  1. “You think you can go into all those auditions not knowing who you are? The work came after I found my sense of self – when I wasn’t so manic and desperate.” : Jenifer Lewis
  1. “Manic depressive people often have incredible energy and a slightly skewed, but nonetheless valid, way of looking at things.” : Kathryn Lasky
  1. “Loser lit antiheroes aren’t well intentioned or earnest; they don’t care whether you like them or not. They’re self-mocking, ironic and inventive; they narrate their downfalls with manic wordplay, rampant metaphors, wisecracks, and escalating flights of spleen-fueled lyricism.” : Kate Christensen
  1. “My pregnancy was great, but the last three weeks were manic because my blood pressure was going up and up.” : Gurinder Chadha
  1. “At the age of 19, I removed myself from society for almost four months, setting off years of manic episodes, including outrageous overspending. I bought several Mercedes because I thought I could. I had no money, but I rented a jet.” : Patty Duke
  1. “Manic depressive is a disease.” : Debbie Reynolds
  1. “Manic depression is a type of depression, technically, and it’s the opposite of uni-polar. Manic depression is also called bi-polar disorder. Some people don’t like to call it that because they think it makes it sound too nice, when the reality is if you have manic-depression you have manic-depression.” : Andy Behrman
  1. “I go from being hugely hopeful and entertaining to… really not. I’m not manic depressive, but I can really go to the darker side.” : Selma Blair
  1. “The world of manic depression is a world of bad judgment calls.” : Carrie Fisher
  1. “No, I’m not very productive at all. I’m probably like an animal. I mean, great animals in the ocean feed all the time. I’m someone who procrastinates, worries, for most of a month, and then I’ll have a flurry of manic productivity with a sense of great urgency and fear for, like, two days.” : Jonathan Ames
  1. “I try to meditate every morning. It relaxes me, clears my mind, and sets my day off on the right foot before things get too manic.” : Elle Macpherson
  1. “I use Manic Panic to dye my hair. Sometimes I do it myself.” : Justine Skye
  1. “The manic end of is a lot of fun.” : Carrie Fisher

 Hope these quotes bring comfort and understanding to anyone dealing with manic depression. In the ups and downs of emotions, may these texts be a guide, showing that there’s still hope, even in the tough times of mental health challenges.”

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